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Comprehensive FMS

AEON Delight Strengths

For services that provide total support for the development of a company’s business environment and minimize lifecycle costs

Amid an expanding global economy and the continued birth of new businesses and services based on technical innovation, the key to a company’s growth lies in its ability to respond flexibly and quickly to an ever-changing business environment.

With this in mind, AEON Delight has created a Facility Management Services (FMS) business to realize a business environment that enables our customers to concentrate on their own core business. We offer an extensive service menu that includes all peripheral services (non-core services) irrespective of industry and business category as one-stop solutions. Our services not only strengthen a company’s competitiveness, but also help minimize lifecycle costs by leveraging a wealth of know-how in building and facility management.

We are currently enhancing and expanding this service menu in order to resolve the different issues facing a diverse range of customers. We are also creating an array of services with a view to boosting the convenience and comfort of both people working in the company and users of the facilities.

Concept of core and non-core businesses

  • *1 BTM (Business Travel Management) business: A system for handling all business trip-related services and management, including reducing direct costs such as air ticket and accommodation expenses, increasing efficiency in expense management, and enhancing internal control and risk management.
  • *2 BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) business: The aim of BPO is to increase efficiency in administrative departments such as human resources, general affairs and finance and accounting through IT.
  • *3 MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition) business: This business handles the planning and operation of meetings (includes training and seminars), incentive tours (includes invitation tours), conventions and conferences (includes academic workshops and international forums) and exhibitions.


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