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Building the “New Normal” in Facility Management and Aiming to Be an Environment Value-creating Company in Asia that Resolves the Three Socials Issues Related to “Safety and Security,” “Labor Shortage,” and “Environment”

■Our medium- to long-term growth strategy “AEON delight Vision 2025”

In order for AEON delight to contribute to the realization of a “sustainable society” based on our management principle “To continue to create ‘environmental value’ of clients and local communities,” we asked ourselves once again about the origin and the significance of our business and decided to focus our efforts towards resolving the three socials issues of “Safety and Security,” “Labor shortage,” and “Environment” through our businesses. Subsequently, in October 2018, the “AEON delight Vision 2025 (hereinafter, Vision 2025)” was formulated as our medium- to long-term growth strategy, and we made a pledge to “Aim to be an environment value-creating company in Asia that resolves social issues based on ‘Safety and Security,’ ‘Labor shortage,’ and ‘Environment’ as the three pillars of our growth strategy.” We have been promoting initiatives ever since to resolve the three social issues through our business eld of facility management (hereinafter, FM).

■Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

In light of the global spread of COVID-19, AEON delight set up a task force from the beginning of 2020 involving members from countries where we operate, in Japan, China and ASEAN, and company-wide efforts were made to respond to the outbreak. In order not to interrupt services to our customers, priority was placed on securing the safety and health of our employees, and we strictly monitored the health and carried out infection control measures for all employees including those of partner companies, checked whether employees had accessed a cluster area, and implemented teleworking and staggered hours for the office staff. We continue these and other initiatives to ensure infection prevention.
As for commercial facilities, ofce buildings and other properties managed by AEON delight in various parts of the country, preventive cleaning including disinfection with alcohol was carried out as infection prevention measures. If a case of COVID-19 is confirmed at a facility, disinfection cleaning is carried of the areas where the person who tested positive has accessed, based on the guidance of the public health center and working together with partner companies specializing in disinfection. Other measures include disinfection of spots that have been touched by an unspecified number of people, which ensure that prompt and appropriate measures are taken.
As for hospitals requiring higher sanitation levels compared to other facilities even in normal times, we continue to offer original “hygiene control” cleaning services that integrate infection prevention measures.

■Facilities transforming their roles due to the COVID-19 pandemic
~Building the “new normal” in facility management~

The spread of COVID-19 has had a major impact on all areas of social activity, and people are making changes to their lifestyles and workstyles to accommodate preventive measures with economic activities as we enter a phase called “with corona.” Considering the significant impact of the recent corona pandemic on people’s lives and the economy, in the “after corona” phase when the spread of the virus has been brought under control, lifestyles and workstyles will not return to how they used to be before the corona pandemic. We will need to adjust to a “new normal” of living. This will also have a great impact on the roles of facilities. Infection prevention measures will become the norm for all facilities, teleworking for office workers will spread, and more on-line classes will be offered at universities and educational facilities for children.

In line with the changes in newly required functions, digitalization of facilities will be accelerated. Based on the Vision 2025, AEON delight will respond to the needs of the “new normal” era by accelerating the digital transformation that we have been promoting in our services, while also developing and introducing new contactless services and other technologies to build a “new normal” for FM at an early stage, in order to ultimately resolve the labor shortage issue that the industry has faced for many years and realize safety and security, including reduced environmental footprint and infection prevention measures.

The changes in the environment brought on by COVID-19 shall be captured as an opportunity to make further advancements towards realizing the Vision 2025. As an FM company that assumes a role in supporting social infrastructure, we will create new added value that adapts to the “new normal” era so that we continue to be an indispensable part of our customers and the local communities.


※What is Facility Management (FM)?:Facility Management is a management method that energizes the activities of facility users by improving functionality and reducing the life cycle cost relating to management and operation of facilities and their surrounding environments.

We aim to be an environmental value-creating company in Asia that resolves social issues based on

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