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Our challenges to solve social tasks with demonstrated venture spirit

At the moment, “workforce shortage” has become critical in countries where we expand Facility Management (hereinafter “FM”) business, such as Japan and China. Likewise, “reduction of environmental impact” is now considered as a global task to be solved, such as reduction of CO² emissions. Since the foundation, our company has been demonstrating our venture spirit, which is the source of our challenges towards transformation. We will keep contributing to further growth of our customers and development of the society by offering our best efforts into solving these social tasks.

In regards to solution for workforce shortage, we have been constructing a labor saving model targeted for large scale commercial facilities by utilizing AI cameras and sensing technology.
Moreover, by concluding joint investment with a top-tier Chinese AI corporation, we inaugurated a brand new research and development (R&D) center in Shanghai.
By aiming to fuse our FM-related knowhow that we have cultivated, AI, IoT and technologies such as robotics, we will proceed towards development of automation and efficiency improvement for facility management operations, and also towards transformation of traditional business model.

In order to realize reduction of environment impact, in addition to the existing services that we offer, such as energy saving solution and fluorocarbon management outsourcing, we will participate in management and retail business of renewable energy. By adopting block chain technology, we will provide reasonable value to renewable energy, and then will aim to provide surplus electricity of each Aeon company and general households, and clean energy provided by renewable energy generators to corporations and each household.

Our company strives to remain recognized as a company needed by our stakeholders, by contributing to the growth of our customers and development of society, along with transforming ourselves as a corporation.

Our challenges to solve social tasks with demonstrated venture spirit : President & CEO Kazumasa Hamada

President & CEO

Kazumasa Hamada