AEON delight

Board of Directors and Auditors

(As of July 24, 2019)


President & CEO

Kazumasa Hamada

Biography Group CEO
Executive Vice President Nobuo Yamazato Biography Regional Offices and COO of Japan Group Business
Managing Director Motoyuki Shikata Biography Group Strategy and Digital Solution and General Manager of Group Strategy Division and Manager of Strategy Department
Outside Director Hiroyuki Sato Biography  
Masaaki Fujita Biography  
Yoshiaki Hompo Biography  


Statutory Non-Executive Auditor Hidenobu Morihashi Biography  
Auditor Koji Tsusue Biography  
Non-Executive Auditor Tsukasa Takahashi Biography  
Auditor Yuji Kawabe Biography  

Executive Officers

Managing Director Hideyuki Mito General Business
Yasuo Miyake Chief of China business
Yasufumi Horie Materials and Vending Machines Business
Executive Officer Hiroki Miyamoto Sales Operations
Ryoji Mamesaya General Manager of Aeon Group Business Promotion Division
Goro Miyamae Kanto Regional Office Manager
Jouji Kitabayashi Kansai Regional Office Manager
Liuhang Chen COO of China business and Vice Chairman and General Manager of Aeon Delight (Jiangsu) Comprehensive Facility Management Service Co., Ltd.
Guan Zhujuan Vice Chairman and General Manager of Wuhan Xiaozhu Comprehensive Facility Management Service Co.,Ltd.
Yoshinori Murakami General Manager of Affiliated Company Administration Division and Manager of Affiliated Company Administration Department
Yoshiyuki Kyomoto COO of ASEAN Business
Tamotsu Yamamoto General Manager of Facilities Business Division
Osamu Inoue General Manager of IFM Global Sales Division and Manager of IFM Global Sales Department
Nobuo Uemura General Manager of Group Personnel and General Affairs Division and Recruitment and Manager of Education Department