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AEON delight’s measures taken against COVID-19

In light of the global spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and the growing uncertainty related to the infection, AEON delight is working to create facility management systems that establish disease control and disinfection methods, and develop and introduce new contactless services, among other efforts, with an aim to continue providing a "safe and secure" environment to all those who use the facilities.
As a facility management company with a Management Principal of “We will continue to create "environmental value" of clients and local communities" AEON delight will realize a society where disease control is a part of life by implementing not provisional but continuous disease control measures, protect the health and lives of our customers and employees, and provide a safe and secure facility environment to the local communities.

Promoting facility management with measures against COVID-19

AEON delight is working to create facility management systems that integrate novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection prevention in order to continue providing a "safe and secure" environment to all those who use the facilities.

1. Proposal of New Standard Cleaning

Based on our hygiene control services incorporating infection control measures offered to hospitals, we have formulated a cleaning procedure manual compiled under the supervision of experts in infection control science and are providing a new service called New Standard Cleaning that ensures a hygienic environment based on scientific evidence.

Specification changes from planar views to emphasizing elevational views

Cleaning that used to mainly focus on planar surfaces was switched to cleaning based on scientific evidence including elevation surfaces. In addition to maintaining an aesthetic environment, this approach aims to maintain and improve hygiene. Infection control measures are reinforced on surfaces with high frequency of contact with hands, and cleaning is carried out using detergent with efficacy confirmed against COVID-19 and microfiber cloths with excellent removal effect including removal of bacteria.

Visualization of preventive cleaning with the Infection Control Cleaning Team

We have created a unique training program that incorporates our knowhow in hygiene control services and the latest research trends in infection control science. The Infection Control Cleaning Team, comprised of Clean Crews (name of our cleaning staff) who have received professional training, carries out cleaning according to manuals based on appropriate materials management.

Quantifying quality through monitoring

In order to make ‘visible’ the cleanliness level of cleaning areas that are not perceptible to the human eye, cleanliness is monitored using "ATP (adenosine triphosphate) testing*" technology that expresses the total amount of organic substances in numbers. A test is conducted immediately after cleaning, and if the results do not meet a certain standard, improvements are made by reviewing work methods and training.

* ATP (adenosine triphosphate) testing: The test combines ATP contained within the cells of all organisms with enzymes, etc. and measures the amount of light produced (Relative Light Unit; RLU) through the reaction.

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2. Proposals to reduce the risk of contact infection and to realize a contactless environment for facilities

Reducing the risk of contact infection and promoting contactless systems within the facility

As part of our infection prevention measures, we will ensure steady supply of hygiene materials such as high-concentration alcohol, masks for commercial use, and face shields. In addition, we will install contactless-type alcohol sprayers and take measures to prevent droplet infection such as by installing acrylic board partitions at supermarket checkout counters and work counters and other areas where people face each other. There are various other proposals that can be made to reduce infection risks, such as automatic closing and opening of doors, antibacterial/antivirus air catalyst coating on walls, and installation of sterilizing light sources that maintain the capabilities of UV rays to disinfect and deactivate viruses but are safe to the human skin and eye.

Work counters installed with acrylic boards
Work counters installed with acrylic boards

Vending machines compatible with QR codes and affixed with antivirus sheets

In response to the rising needs for contactless payment, more vending machines managed by AEON delight are now compatible with five QR codes, in addition to accepting AEON’s E-money WAON and other public transport e-money. Additional measures to reduce contact risk on vending machines include wiping and disinfecting them daily, and affixing antivirus sheets on vending machine parts that can lead to contact infection.

Product selection buttons are covered with antivirus sheets
Product selection buttons are covered with antivirus sheets

3. Proposals to provide a safer, more secure air environment

Diagnosis of optimal ventilation for air conditioning equipment and improvement proposals

To reduce risks of droplet infection due to COVID-19, we conduct a diagnosis on the optimal ventilation of air conditioning equipment, so as to maximize ventilation volume and outside air intake at levels that exceeds what is prescribed in the Building Sanitation Act (Act on Maintenance of Sanitation in Buildings). Improvement proposals are made as necessary, such as installing more ventilating equipment. In addition, all indoor locations are checked to make sure there are no air stagnation. For problem areas, we propose or introduce air blowing devices such as ceiling fans.

Damper fully opened to maximize outside air intake
Damper fully opened to maximize outside air intake

Proposal of CO2 (carbon dioxide concentration) monitoring systems

Wireless sensors continually monitor the indoor CO2 (carbon dioxide) concentration. The CO2 concentration data is linked with indoor display panels, PCs and smartphones via cloud servers, and an alarm is set off in abnormal conditions to notify the required level of indoor ventilation to persons in the room and managers.

Visualization of the need for ventilation using CO2 monitors
Visualization of the need for ventilation using CO2 monitors

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Initiatives to protect employees, including affiliated companies

To ensure the continuity of services to our customers, AEON delight considers that taking action with priority on the health and safety of employees including those of affiliate companies is most important, and therefore is engaged in the following initiatives.

1. Ensuring thorough health management

In line with the AEON COVID-19 Protocol for Infectious Disease Control established by the AEON Group, we ensure thorough personal health management and infection prevention measures for all employees, including those of affiliated companies. In addition to the daily health condition reports, we promote activities to educate all employees such as conduct surveys on whether cluster locations have been accessed, distribute the Handbook on COVID-19 Measures that outlines important points for health condition management/reporting, and view educational videos on infection control measures.

2. Securing a safe work environment

Our employees who provide services at our customer’s facility conduct operations by paying attention to ensuring a safe environment. Such measures are disinfecting their hands, taking their temperature at the entrance, wearing masks or face shields, ventilating break rooms/changing rooms, and social distancing.
We encourage working remotely or staggered commuting hours for employees who are able to telework, and conduct meetings and business negotiations online to lower the presence rate at offices.

3. Coordinating with affiliated companies

We share information as needed with affiliated companies around the country on measures to respond to COVID-19. In the area of cleaning, remote conferences are utilized to organize lectures by professors in infection control science, besides sharing details on New Standard Cleaning and cleaning procedures that incorporate infection control measures. We are ensuring safety measures and service provision through a united effort with affiliated companies.