AEON delight

Future Vision

The AEON delight Vision 2025

Aiming to be an environment value-creating company in Asia
that resolves social issues
based on three pillars of our growth strategy:
“Safety and Security,” “Labor force shortage,” and “Environment.”

In October 2018, AEON delight has newly formulated the AEON delight Vision 2025 with an aim to achieve further sustainable growth. With our Management Principle, “To continue to create ‘environmental value’ of clients and local communities” as the cornerstone of our activities, we will strive to realize our goals and to resolve issues in society.

Numerical targets for 2025

Three Growth Strategies

  • Safety and Security

    A series of natural disasters have occurred in recent years, and a company’s business continuity capabilities are being put to the test. AEON delight will further enhance the area of “Safety and Security,” a value we have offered since our foundation, and provide services at an even higher level.

    Safety and Security
  • Labor force shortage

    As Labor force shortage is becoming more serious in Japan and China, AEON delight will provide solutions that resolve the issue for both our company and our customers.

    Labor force shortage
  • Environment

    Environmental issues must be addressed at the global level, and following AEON CO., LTD.’s establishment of the Decarbonization Vision 2050 and participation in RE100, AEON delight will also work to establish energy management services. In addition, we will evolve the current materials services into an environmental materials services business.


Strategic directions

In Japan, we will expand our share by building an AEON delight Economic Zone. In China, we will aim to become one of the top 10 companies in the property management industry.


  • Build an AEON delight Economic Zone by utilizing the AD Platform
  • Utilize technology to develop unmanned and labor-saving models that reduce the customers’ costs and thereby improve efficiency
  • Expand FM market share through customer-oriented sales and collaboration with other companies
  • Develop energy management services as the new pillar of business


  • Make two core operating companies wholly owned subsidiaries
  • Establish the AD brand in East China, a strong field for AD, and build a business foundation that can expand nationwide
  • Aim to be the top 10 company in China by building brands, human resources, and management systems in China

Future initiatives to achieve the Vision


The AEON delight Platform

The AD Platform will digitize the data that was managed and stored as paper in the past, while collecting and accumulating new data from in and out of the facility. The knowledge, experience and knowhow that AEON delight has accumulated for more than 40 years will be converted into big data and analyzed/processed using AI to offer preventive maintenance, work processes with higher efficiency and other optimal solutions that resolve the customer’s issues.
By creating an open system in which our partner companies and alliance partners can participate, highly useful data can be shared among them to establish an overwhelmingly competitive advantage in the FM industry, and in turn aim to build an AEON delight Economic Zone.

Creating a new business to achieve “environmental load reduction”

As the company responsible for the management of energy used by the AEON Group, AD will aim to establish energy management services ranging from supply of energy needed by local communities to energy-saving operation of facilities.
The Materials/Supplies Sourcing Services business will evolve into the Environmental Materials Services business that is environmentally friendly and capable of proposing reviews of raw materials.


One AEON delight Strategy

AEON delight began operations in China in 2007. Aeon Delight (Suzhou) Comprehensive Facility Management Service Co., Ltd. (presently Aeon Delight (Jiangsu) Comprehensive Facility Management Service Co., Ltd.) became a subsidiary in 2012, followed by Wuhan Xiaozhu Comprehensive Facility Management Service Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary in 2013. They have served as core companies to accelerate the business growth in China.
In order to advance to the next growth stage, AEON delight will implement the “One AEON delight Strategy,” which includes the decision to make the above two companies into wholly owned subsidiaries to strengthen cooperation and speed up decision making between them, and establish the AEON delight brand in China. The strategy will first aim to achieve 50 billion yen in sales and become one of the top 10 companies in the property management industry in China.

Sales in China Business

Sales in China Business